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About Unite Coils

With decade of in-depth knowledges, extensive experiences and proven track records, Unite Coils is the field subject matter expert in optimization & designing energy-efficient HVAC Coils, Blowers, AHUs & other ACMV related products.

We are committed to provide the Best Services and deliver the Desired Results with Premium products to ensure Customer's Satisfactions.

Our customers include many of the well-known air-conditioning companies, production companies, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare organizations,

clean rooms, aerospace, refineries, marine, offshore, commercial and industrial buildings.

With an unwavering focus on safety, we provide innovative solutions and deliver excellent products and services to all our customers.

We focus on innovation that differentiates ourselves from our competitors based on three criteria: Safety, Efficiency and Capability. By using our proprietary design and technology, we provide improved HVAC solutions to our valued customers.

Unite Coils build on the
success of key marquees like:

Why Choose Unite Coils
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Performance guarantee

Emphasize robust Premium Quality Products & Equipment

Ensure durability & full life expectancy of equipment

Tailor to requirement/ Specially built to order

Money-back guarantee

If you are looking for:


Immediate response for emergency leak check and repair on HVAC Air Handling Units’/Fan coil units’/ air-cooled chiller condenser coils or water-cooled chillers or VRVs/VRFs.


HVAC Air Handling Units’/Fan coil units’ Chilled water, condenser, evaporator coils.


Air-cooled chillers’ micro-channel condenser coils conversion for better efficiency and durability.


Air Handling Units’ blowers.


Air Handling Units with and without precision control.


Air-cooled or Water-cooled chillers.


Anti-Corrosion and Antibacterial extreme protective coating.


UVC Sterilizer for virus, bacteria, mold and mildew control and prevention.

Products, Solutions & Application For:

  • Pharmaceutical, Hospitals & Operating Theatres
  • Marine & Offshores
  • Food & clean room industries
  • Hygenic Units
  • Other Standard Applications for commercial
  • Integrate Cooling Units
  • Desiccant Packaged (Precise RH Control)