What is Advance Siloxane Technology

ADSIL is the best and only inorganic clear surface treatments “Glass” coating that none competitor’s coatings can match.

  • Effective and outstanding solution for oxidation / corrosion protection
    • Proven by 3rd party Salt Chamber Test ASTM B117 for 6, 000 hours.
  • Superb mold & mildew resistance feature.
  • Proven by 3rd party Microbial Laboratory Test ASTM G21 Fungal Growth – Zero(0) Growth.
  • Proven references for more than 9 years in Singapore/Malaysia/Brunei /Thailand/Vietnam/Middle East.
  • Resist destructive effects of corrosive environments

Adsil Organic Coatings

As adsil coating is only 5 to 8 micron in thickness, thus
– Airflow passage reduction is negligible.
– Will not increase pressure drop across the coil.
– Result in constant airflow, hence, constant fan power consumption
– Heat transfer efficiency is constant

Other Organic Coatings

Airflow passage is reduced due to thickness of other conventional coatings.
– Pressure drop across the coil increases.
– Higher fan power consumption.
– Heat Transfer efficiency is reduced.